Sport Mount Chest Harness

  • chest harness for WG cameras
  • take action footage while skiing, snowboarding, horseback riding, adventure racing, etc

The PENTAX SportMount Chest Harness is designed to mount a camera to the center of your chest for recording video (or images) of your active adventures.  Attaching the mount is straightforward.

1.  Slip your arms through the harness webbing as you would wear a vest, so that the camera mount is in front.  You should have straps over each shoulder, and one around your chest.

2.  Clip the quick-release chest strap buckle to secure the harness to your body.

3.  Adjust the chest and shoulder straps so they fit snugly to your body.  They are designed to stretch for your comfort and to prevent excess movement of your camera.

4.  Attach the camera to the mount using the camera's tripod lug attachment.

5.  If needed, loosen the attachment screw under the mount to change the camera's position on the mount.  You want your camera to be centered as best as possible on the mount before tightening.

6.  To change settings during operation, pull back the spring-loaded lock bolt on the mount hinge.  Your camera can then tilt forward.  Be sure to lock camera back into place before resuming activity.

7.  To remove the harness, simply release the quick-release chest strap buckle.




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